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So we had another baby and her name is Ryssi Laine. We took her name from the original word 'Nissi,' meaning victory, and Laine from the Rain of Arizonian desert. We claim her as the rain of victory! We're fond of calling her Eeshie. This was taken when she was 2.
God's Gracious grace #Godsgraciousgrace It was another morning to spend with my MAKER. Hence, the usual pouring and asking for forgiveness for the numerous 'shortcomings' I believe I have done on either conscious and unconscious ways. Then I recall how I had an encounter with my 7 year old daughter yesterday. She was working on her homework. She had her answers on her paper; I saw her sentence constructions, on a paper full of erasures. She had been taught numerous times to write her letters neatly and to pay attention to her sentences on the use of capital letters on the start of a sentence, as well as the corresponding punctuation for the 'nth time' (of course, that includes the usual reminder of how to write neatly and 'think' several times of the answer first before she could write it on her paper, so it does not get dirty, thus get extra points for being neat too). To my disappointment, she still seemingly has not been learning it. She is stuck to doing th…